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$160.00 Creamer
$70.00 Dinner Plate
Dinner Plate
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Ravissement is a jewel. A jewel shaped by the constant undertow of the ocean, a jewel polished by time, wind, rain and dew of every morning the world has to offer. Fine metallic combined with satin sky-blue cohabit and deliver a secret, the subtle harmony of nature where each thing, so thin like a gold line, has its own place. Ravissement is a subtle interlacing of fine stems and valuable buds evoking the smoothness of the delicate wings of dragonflies.

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Tuilieres- the new design from Deshoulieres Limoges, invokes classic French elegance in a sophisticated modern color. Available in Mint or white.
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Founded in 1826, Deshoulieres is the leading French porcelain manufacturer specializing in tableware products. Rich with tradition, you will quickly recognize the true and elegant spirit of the style that is synonymous with France. We utilize trends ...Read More »

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