$175.00 Creamer
Creamer $175.00 ($US)  
$120.00 Dessert plate
Dessert plate $120.00 ($US)  
$125.00 Dinner plate
Dinner plate $125.00 ($US) 1 Like
$525.00 Oval platter large
Oval platter large $525.00 ($US)  
$125.00 Rim soup plate
Rim soup plate $125.00 ($US)  
$600.00 Salad bowl
Salad bowl $600.00 ($US)  
$265.00 Sugar bowl
Sugar bowl $265.00 ($US)  
$120.00 Tea cup
Tea cup $120.00 ($US)  
$60.00 Tea saucer
Tea saucer $60.00 ($US)  
$475.00 Teapot
Teapot $475.00 ($US)  
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About Tuileries white: The Tuileries design is inspired by the Tuileries Palace in the heart of Paris, a masterpiece of 16th century architecture. Many Kings of France used this palace as their private residence until it is was partially destroyed and burned during the 1870s. This pattern creates an elegant and stately table that evokes the royal splendor and excess that ultimately inspired the French revolution. Be daring and create your own home dining revolution with Tuileries!
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